Corporate Profile

Company Information

IRIS Group

Representative Director, IRIS Group Chairman Kentaro Ohyama
Number of Group Companies 30 Group Companies
Total Sales Amount of IRIS Group 810billion-yen(2021)
Number of IRIS Group Employees 15,550employees(As of January 2021)


Company Name IRIS OHYAMA Inc.
Established April, 1971
Representative Executive President Akihiro Ohyama
Capital 100 million yen
Total Sales Amount 249billion-yen(2021)
Description of Business Planning, Manufacturing and sales of housewares
Number of Employees 5,379employees(As of January 2021)

Corporate Philosophies

(a) Keep pace with an ever-changing market and consumer demands by establishing mechanisms to create profit in any given environment or era.
(b) Contribute to society by always being mindful of the relationship between our Company, society and people by reinvesting profit in the Company and thereby improving the lives and lifestyles of our employees, our customers and the people who use our products.
(c) Create a business environment where improvement of the Company leads to better employees, and improvement of the employees leads to a better Company.
(d) Focus on our customers. The Customer Comes First is the foundation of our mission statement.
(e) Have high aspirations, be aware of incompleteness, be full of vitality, and strive always to create a growing, innovative organization.

Message from Chairman / President

Chairman And President

With a focus on "Comfortable Living," we have manufactured solution-products to address and reduce consumers' potential dissatisfaction in order to make their lives more enjoyable and help them thrive. The representative example is our clear storage boxes which we have sold since 1989. We looked at potential dissatisfaction that consumers cannot see inside their storage bins, and developed the world's first clear boxes and changed the whole storage culture.
Our Maker/Vendor system made it possible to establish flexible production and efficient distribution systems through manufacturing. IRIS China Group plays a role as a central production hub that supports domestic and overseas group companies. Our factories, with automated production lines, and accumulated IoT manufacturing technologies, can handle various materials and categories, and produce products across multiple industries.
We develop products inspired by "User-In Concepts" and operate business utilizing our unique "Maker/Vendor" structure by category. For example, in our home appliances business, we develop "Ah-ha home appliances" inspired by actual experiences. In our rice milling business, we maintain freshness and a better taste of rice through a "cold temperature manufacturing process" and aim to spread great food experiences, as well as, support for areas affected by earthquakes. In our B2B business, we provide solutions according to various customer needs with a focus on LED lighting. We support comfort and growth in peoples' lives through creating synergistic effects and utilizing our comprehensive business strengths. Furthermore, we continue to be a company who "Contributes to society by achieving a healthy growth" by creating demands and solving dissatisfaction for consumers in Japan and around the world.

Chairman of IRIS Group Representative Executive,
Chairman of IRIS OHYAMA, Inc.
Kentaro Ohyama

Under the philosophy of "User-In Concepts," we strive to manufacture products that make consumers say "Ah-ha" since the day we began. In order to help consumers relate to and see the value of our products, we have continued to make innovative changes everyday through "Domestic Nine-Factory Operation" and "Maker/Vendor System" in logistics and distribution.
We have now grown to the point that we have been able to provide comprehensive business solutions by expanding our business domains to B2B, such as proposing ways to save electricity and creating spatial presentation.
We have not limited ourselves to the Japanese market. We have expanded the scope of our activities to USA, Europe, China, Korea and Southeast Asia, where we inspire people with the concept of "Comfortable Living," fostered in Japan.
At present, Japan is in the middle of a tough environment caused by a population decline. However, we take the positive approach and view it as "Change is an opportunity." We continue to face the challenge with "Japan Solutions" to solve issues in Japan through the regrowth of Japanese agriculture through our rice business, the revival of Japanese home appliances through our "Ah-ha home appliances," and the reform of working practices through proposing the use of space.

Representative Executive,
President of IRIS OHYAMA, Inc.
Akihiro Ohyama
Chairman And President

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Corporate History

1958 Apr Morisuke Ohyama established the OHYAMA blow industry.
1964 Jul Kentaro Ohyama nominated to the representative.
1971 Apr OHYAMA blow industrial incorporated.
1972 Jul The Sendai factory (present Ogawara factory) established.
1981 Jan Gardening products sale started.
1986 Apr OHYAMA incorporated.
1987 Jan Pets products sale started.
Dec The Sanda factory established.
1988 Jan Storage products sale started.
May IRIS KOREA Co,.Ltd. incorporated in Seoul, Korea.
1989 Feb Household products sale started.
Oct Stationery sale started.
1990 Apr The Tosu factory established.
1991 Mar IRIS PLAZA incorporated in Sendai.
Sep Change the name of company to IRIS OHYAMA, Inc.
1992 Mar The Kakuda I.T.P established.
1992 Jun IRIS USA, Inc. incorporated.
1993 Mar Sendai Headoffice building completed.
1994 Nov The Hokkaido factory established.
The Stockton factory of IRIS USA, Inc. established.
1996 Mar DALIAN IRISOHYAMA TRADE & INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. incorporated in Dalian, China
Jun The Wisconsin factory of IRIS USA, Inc. established.
1997 Mar The Fujioyama factory established.
Dec DALIAN IRIS WOOD PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. incorporated in Dalian, China.
1998 Aug IRIS OHYAMA EUROPE B.V. incorporated in the Netherlands.
2000 Oct DALIAN IRIS HOME PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. incorporated in Dalian, China.
2001 Jan The Maibara factory established.
Sep IRIS CHITOSE incorporated in Sendai.
2002 Nov The Dallas factory of IRIS USA, Inc. established.
2003 Mar The Saitama factory established.
Distribution center of IRIS KOREA Co., Ltd. established in Gumpo, Korea.
2004 Aug DALIAN IRIS DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. incorporated in Dalian, China.
2005 Dec Simple Style shop in Sendai opened.
IRIS FINE PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. incorporated in Sendai.
2006 Jan Distribution center of DALIAN IRIS HOME PRODUCTS established in Dalian, China.
Jun DALIAN IRIS WOODEN PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. incorporated in Dalian, China.
2007 Oct IRIS FINE PRODUCTS Co.,Ltd. becomes enrolles in a project of the Deoxidant.
Dec IRIS SHINYO incorporated in Sendai.
2008 Feb IRIS SOKO incorporated in Sendai.
Apr DALIAN IRIS INTERNATIONAL TRADE Co., Ltd. incorporated in Dalian, China.
Dec IRIS Group Made DAISIN its subsidiary.
2009 Jul Affiliated DAISIN and IRIS PLAZA
2010 Jul IRIS Group made HOUTOKU its subsidiary
Sep IRIS HOME PRODUCTS (SUZHOU) Co.,Ltd. established
2012 Aug Aoba Buillding opend in Sendai.
2013 Apr BUTAI AGRI INNOVATION incorporated in Sendai.
May Osaka R&D Center opened in Sinsaibashi.
Nov IRIS FOODS incorprated in Sendai.
2014 Apr IRIS Group made UNILIVING its subsidiary.
2016 May IRIS HOME PRODUCTS (GUANGZHOU) Co.,Ltd. established.
IRIS USA, Inc. ARIZONA factory established.
2017 Apr IRIS OHYAMA FRANCE SAS incorporated.
2018 Jul Akihiro Ohyama took the position of president of the company.
Nov IRIS OHYAMA VIETNAM Co., Ltd. incorporated.
IRIS Group Tokyo Headquarters established.
2019 Jun IRIS PRODUCT incorporated in Fukushima.
Oct IRIS OHYAMA TAIWAN co.,Ltd. incorporated.