Corporate Profile

Corporate Outline

Representative Director:
Kentaro Ohyama
Plan, development, manufacture and sales of home-use products
Number of employees:
3,013 (As of January 2017)
Total number of employees:
11,028 (As of January 2017)
112.0 billion-yen (2016 prediction)
Group Sales:
346.0 billion-yen (2016 prediction)
Business content:
Developing, manufacturing, and selling household items
Main financing banks:
The 77 Bank Ltd.
Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd.
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd.
Development Bank of Japan Inc
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Corporate Philosophies:
(a) Keep pace with an ever-changing market and consumer demands by establishing mechanisms to create profit in any given environment or era.
(b) Contribute to society by always being mindful of the relationship between our Company, society and people by reinvesting profit in the Company and thereby improving the lives and lifestyles of our employees, our customers and the people who use our products.
(c) Create a business environment where improvement of the Company leads to better employees, and improvement of the employees leads to a better Company.
(d) Focus on our customers. The Customer Comes First is the foundation of our mission statement.
(e) Have high aspirations, be aware of incompleteness, be full of vitality, and strive always to create a growing, innovative organization. PAGE TOP

Message from chairman


We operate with the motto of 'easy living', and we want to provide that to our customers as well through our products. Our most famous product that does this is the clear plastic storage case. We focused on the fact that storage until then did not show what was being stored inside, and strove to fix that inconvenience. Since then, we have deployed the product to the United States and Europe as well, where it took off just as it did in Japan, redefining the standard for home storage.
We are able to actualize our flexible production structure and efficient distribution through our unique Maker/Vendor system. Our Chinese facility acts as our mother factory as it supplies our endeavors in Japan and overseas. With advancing automation technologies, this facility is able to supply products from several materials, and for several categories. Our domestic conglomerate we use our unique Maker/Vendor platform to provide user-friendly products.
Our LED division has expanded its network to overseas as well and is striving to spread LED lighting to the rest of the world as well. With Japan's aging population, we are developing furniture that not only facilitates the aging, but to their caretakers as well. We have created a great synergy between all of our facilities by utilizing each of their strengths in full and providing easy living to the entire world.
Until now, we have been providing a 'home solution' to make everyday life easy, but we want to start trying to provide a 'Japan Solution'. By responding quickly to the changing times and exert all of our company's strength. By doing so, we will be able to excavate more and more markets, leading to us being able to 'serve the community by maintaining steady growth' as stated in our corporate principles.

IRIS Group Chairman
Kentaro Ohyama


Since 1985, we, IRIS OHYAMA, Inc., have been striving to deliver simple but functional products inspired by an gAh-hah state of mind while providing solutions to everyonefs lifestyle. By establishing the gUser-In Managementh focus with consumer satisfaction, we continue to challenge ourselves by embodying potential market needs through new product development, quality improvement, and by optimizing distribution utilizing our global supply network.
Also, not limited to everyday consumers, we offer business solutions to corporate users by fostering our gUser-In Concept.h
We create new values to all people by moving forward every day as a socially responsible company, with good faith, as well as the ability to respond to change.

Akihiro Ohyama

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Corporate History

1958 Apr
Morisuke Ohyama establishes the OHYAMA blow industry.
1964 Jul
Kentaro Ohyama nominated to the representative.
1971 Apr
OHYAMA blow industrial incorporated.
1972 Jul
The Sendai factory (present Ogawara factory) established.
1981 Jan
Gardening products sale started.
1986 Apr
Ohyama Co., Ltd. incorporated.
1987 Jan
Pets products sale started.
The Sanda factory established.
1988 Jan
Storage products sale started.
Iris Korea Co,.Ltd. incorporated in Seoul, Korea.
1989 Feb
Household products sale started.
Stationery sale started.
1990 Apr
The Tosu factory established.
1991 Mar
Iris Plaza Co., Ltd. incorporated in Sendai.
Change the name of company to IRIS OHYAMA, INC.
1992 Mar
The Kakuda I.T.P established.
1992 Jun
Iris U.S.A.Inc. incorporated.
1993 Mar
Sendai Headoffice building completed.
1994 Nov
The Hokkaido factory established.The Stockton factory of Iris U.S.A. Inc. established.
1996 Mar
Dalian Irisohyama Trade & Industry Co., Ltd. incorporated in Dalian, China
The Wisconsin factory of IRIS U.S.A. INC. established.
1997 Mar
The Fujioyama factory established.
Dalian Iris Wood Products Co., Ltd. incorporated in Dalian, China.
1998 Aug
Iris Ohyama Europe B.V. incorporated in the Netherlands.
2000 Oct
Dalian Iris Home Products Co., Ltd. incorporated in Dalian, China.
2001 Jan
The Maibara factory established.
Iris Chitose Co., Ltd. incorporated in Sendai.
2002 Nov
The Texas factory of Iris U.S.A. Inc. established.
2003 Mar
The Saitama factory established.
Distribution center of Iris Korea Co., Ltd. established in Gumpo, Korea.
Dalian Iris Development Co., Ltd. incorporated in Dalian, China.
2004 Dec
Simple Style shop in Sendai opened.
2005 Dec
Iris Fine Products Co., Ltd. incorporated in Sendai.
2006 Jan
Distribution center of Dalian Iris Group established in Dalian, China.
Dalian Iris Wooden Products Co., Ltd. incorporated in Dalian, China.
2007 Oct
Iris Fine Products Co.,Ltd. becomes enrolles in a project of the Deoxidant.
Iris Shinyo Inc. incorporated in Sendai.
2008 Feb
Iris Soko Inc. incorporated in Sendai.
Dalian Iris International Trade Co., Ltd. incorporated in Dalian, China.
Iris group Made Daisin Co., Ltd. its subsidiary.
2009 Jul
Affiliated Daisin and IRIS Plaza
Yantai IRIS Pet Co. Ltd. Established
2010 Jul
Iris group made Houtoku its subsidiary
Iris Home products(suzhou)Co.,Ltd. established
2012 Aug
Aoba Buillding opend in Sendai.
2013 Apr
Butai Aguri Innovation Co.,Ltd. incorporated in Sendai.
Osaka R&D Center opened in Sinsaibashi.
Iris Foods Co.,Ltd. incorprated in Sendai.
2014 Apr
Iris group made Uniliving Co.,Ltd. its subsidiary.
2016 May
Iris Home products(guangzhou)Co.,Ltd. established.
Iris U.S.A.Inc(arizona)Co.,Ltd. established.
2017 Apr
Iris Ohyama France SAS incorporated.